Property Submission Make-overs

Submissions presented to underwriters for quotes that:
  • are perceived as a legitimate opportunity for new business,
  • are formatted for efficient import,
  • are populated with high-quality data, and 
  • include current and credible exposure values
will be rewarded with
  • priority for processing, 
  • ​best available policy terms
  • ​maximum discretionary credits

We take the dreaded task of upgrading and maintaining the schedule of locations spreadsheet off your plate.

Insurance Appraisal Reviews

We offer cost-effective, objective, and credible reviews of
building replacement cost estimates generated by:
carriers, agents, real estate appraisers, lenders, or others.

We look for:
 - inaccurate or missing inputs,
 - inappropriate valuation basis,
 - inappropriate deductions, and
 - unjustified subjective adjustments.

Our projects range from small businesses with a single building,
up to large accounts with hundreds of buildings.