Our Mission

We will provide our clients valuable, credible, and objective insight into the data and processes that are the foundation of their insurance-related decisions.

As a result of our efforts, our clients will have justifiable confidence in the quality of their data and be able to present their exposures to underwriters with the expectation that they will receive the best response time, pricing, and terms available in the market.

Our Values

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide superior return on their investment in our services.

We will remember to be thankful for the support of our families and we will actively contribute to the betterment of our community.

We will not sacrifice our integrity for any price.

What is “Asperta”?

When we started searching for a name, we looked to our favorite science-fiction authors for inspiration. With a little help from the internet, we searched for names of fictional planets: there we found "Asperta", a planet investigating sharp trade practices in Isaac Asimov's classic novel Foundation's Edge.

At the same time we were launching this business venture, we were also starting a local non-profit support group for families affected by autism and asperger’s syndrome.

The family vote was quick and unanimous. That’s the story.